9701 Studios Media Highlights

The Tartan: Recent graduate develops language learning app

March 18, 2024

"While Etan Cohn was applying for jobs after he graduated from Carnegie Mellon in May, he decided that he should come up with a project in order to gain experience... Next, he enlisted his lifelong friend Seth Dolginoff, who’d recently graduated from the University of Texas at Dallas. They named their app Lingua Link and their company 9701 Studios LLC. While Cohn does the programming and the user interface for Lingua Link, Dolginoff does the business and marketing." - Nina McCambridge, Writer and Copy Editor at The Tartan

The Mercury: UTD Alumnus creates ChatGPT-powered language learning app

March 18, 2024

"Lingua Link emerges to fill in the gaps left by Duolingo and similar apps, using the powers of AI to augment your studying." - Sofia Meinardus, Staff Writer at The Mercury